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Monday, July 29, 2013

Blast from the Past: Pulp Fixation (1996?)

Pulp Fixation
Back in the day when Those Funky Idiots was a public access show in Muncie, Indiana, I always submitted the master tape for our latest episode in a plastic VCR tape container. Occassionally I would make "poster art" for an episode and slip the drawing into the container's plastic sleeve. This particular drawing was for the second part of our Pulp Fiction homage two parter which we called "Pulp Fixation". Instead of Mia Wallace, that's Nia Wally (Played by the former Meisa Beatty. Now she's Meisa Cope) in the drawing. I won't go into the whole plot, but at one point Vinnie Tuscany (Tim Richardson) bumps into Nia Wally and they enter a dancing contest which leads into a parody of the famous Twist dance scene from the movie. Instead of Jack Rabbit Slims, we filmed our dance in the middle of Gibson's Skating Rink. It turned out great!

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