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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My Comic Book Collection: The Adventures of Kool-Aid Man (1983)

The Adventures of Kool-Aid Man (1983)
Remember when you were a kid and you wrote to major food companies and they sent you a free comic book? Yeah, neither do I, but apparently I did something like that once because I have this issue of The Adventures of Kool-Aid Man as proof. Published by Marvel Comics with Dan DeCarlo serving as the penciler, this four-color corporate propaganda follows the beloved company mascot as he fought the Thirsties, sunburst-like creatures that worked to keep kids thirsty (And I though my job at Touchy Feely Fotos was meaningless!). As someone who rarely drank Kool-Aid, I don't know why or how I got this particular comic, but it proudly remains in my collection. Oh, yeaahh!
On a slightly-related-or-slightly-not-related sidenote, as a kid, I always thought the main branch of the Muncie public library smelled like warm grape Kool-Aid.

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