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The Tom Cherry Experience

Friday, June 22, 2012

Your Two-Fisted Radio Show!

Tom Cherry's Old Time Radio Show

POW! BAM! ZAP! It's an action-packed show this Saturday as we feature the thrilling adventures of Captain Midnight, Flash Gordon, and the debut of The Happy Hoppy Hopper Show! Starring those howling commandos of the radio: Sean Heline! Wendy Carpenter! Sean Orlosky! Linda Lee Coy Gilchrist! Darrin Murrell! Our sound man, Jerry Cole! And our special guest stars, Julie Lyn Barber, Dustin Carpenter, and Bob Green! Plus The Mayor of Farmland, Your Hit Parade, and It Pays to Be Ignorant! That's this Saturday (6/23/12) @ 3:00pm at the Farmland Center! Only one dollar per seat!

Can't make it? You can also listen in by clicking the radio icon at http://‚Äčwww.farmlandindiana.org/ or on any mobile device through the TuneIn App, keyword Farmland Radio! Tune in, turn out, and we'll see you on the radio!



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