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The Tom Cherry Experience

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Oh, Happy Day!

It has been a fairly happy day. I was featured in The Star Press, we performed Smoke on the Mountain in front of our largest audience to date, and Roger and Rita Wessel bought me my onion rings and cherry milkshake at the Chocolate Moose. I need more days like this!

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  • Haven't you already performed in front of sell out crowds? How do you get a bigger audience than that?

    By Blogger Postmaster, at 6:52 AM  

  • Glad you asked, Keith! When we performed in Muncie at the Studio Theatre, we did the show before 55-60 people each night. When we moved the show to Farmland last weekend, the Cultural Center had a few more seats so on Saturday night we were able to perform for about 80 people thus making that audience our largest one!

    Thanks for reading!

    By Blogger Tom, at 3:22 AM  

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