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The Tom Cherry Experience

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Twenty Days

I never did mention I was recently cast in Smoke on the Mountain, a gospel musical-comedy that will be playing at the Main Street Studio Theatre in February. I’m playing Pastor Mervin Oglethorpe and we’ve been in rehearsals for the last three weeks. Things are going pretty smoothly so far. The music and the singing sound great and the cast is populated with a talented bunch of folks. On top of that my friends, Judy and Jerry Cole, are directing and they are doing a bang up job putting things together. Fun times!

Of course, since I’m in a new show, I’m working first shift for a few weeks at Touchy Feely Fotos. I don’t mind first shift though I miss the extra money second shift brings, but I guess that’s the price an artist must pay for his art (Did I just type that with a straight face?)!

What else? I just got an account at Twitter. Of course, I blame John Oak Dalton for that.

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