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The Tom Cherry Experience

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Last Day

Gina Smart is the one responsible for the drawing. She entitled it, Curtis and His Cat Felipe. Gina is currently accepting commissions.

Today, of course, is the last day of 2008. This hasn’t been the greatest year for me. There was a death in the family, financial difficulties, unplanned expenses, family health issues, and just plain bad luck. It’s been the type of year that could easily drive a man to permanently sing the blues (My blues name? Mudbelly.) so I won’t be too crestfallen to see 2008 come to an end. Here’s hoping its predecessor is kinder to a fat cartoonist. And to us all!

One of the benefits of Christmas is knowing the Austinites will be back in town. Tim, Brad, and Emily safely made it back the Sunday before Christmas and each have had a whirlwind schedule of catching up with family and friends ever since. On a cool note, Tim and Brad wanted to film something while they were here so I whipped up a little script and we filmed a short featuring our Fanboyz characters, Max Wray and Riley “Wiley” James. We shot around Ball State and in Bob’s Comic Castle (Thanks again, Trent!) with the help of the always-dependable Jon Sipes.

The shoot went smoothly and we finished a lot faster than we expected. It was fun, too. I think I’ve mentioned it several times in the past how I missed filming Those Funky Idiots for public access so it was sweet to play behind and in front of the camera again. Tim is hoping to edit our efforts and post the episode online in the near future!

On another cool note, my recent Christmas minicomic got reviewed at Optical Sloth.

Happy New Year!

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