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The Tom Cherry Experience

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Not King D'oh!

It's time to crib from the King...I took yesterday off because I nearly pulled a Don Music at work on Thursday...Did you hear about that Jon Lovitz-Andy Dick scuffle a few weeks ago? There goes my hope for a Newsradio reunion!...There's a giant bag of Sweetarts on my bed as I type this...Why do I always get annoyed when my grandma refers to actors on soap operas as movie stars?...Saw The Simpsons with my friend Joe last week and I really enjoyed it. It brought back some of the tone of the earlier, classic seasons. I actually teared up during Marge's videotaped monologue. Yes, I'm a wuss...Why did somebody turn Underdog into a movie? Was that really necessary? And don't get me started on Daddy Day Camp! Curse you, Fred Savage!...Don't you hate it when someone you work with suddenly starts talking about their family and you're forced to listen out of politeness? My tips for the situation: Nod constantly, say as little as possible, fall to the floor, and pretend to have a seizure...I didn't get any mail yesterday...Kids will have to go back to school in a couple weeks. Ha ha!

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