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The Tom Cherry Experience

Friday, August 17, 2007

Momentary Distraction

Time to get my ramble on...Why does Maryland's state flag resemble a lottery scratch-off ticket?...Do you know what I wish? I wish I could be a real blogger and update daily and write interesting essays about whatever tickles my fancy. That's what I wish...Beware, Gina! The Ball State students are back in town!...I'm currently reading Fluke by Christopher Moore and I'm enjoying it. How can you not like a book that features a whale that has "Bite Me" written on its tail?...It looks like I'm going to see Superbad this weekend with my pal, Nick...I just ate six Reese cups and, yes, I feel guilty. Okay, maybe not, but I should!...Touchy Feely Fotos recently hired a few thousand new employees. Suckers!...I really need to write about my misadventures in Texas...I have two autographed pictures of Dr. Demento...Rear Window is my favorite Hitchcock film. Thelma Ritter rocks!...Do you know why Larry King writes like this? Because it is so damn easy!

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