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The Tom Cherry Experience

Saturday, July 21, 2007

My So-Called Life

The Class of 1987: I went to my 20th-year high school reunion last Saturday and it turned out to be less painful than I thought it would be. About a third of the class (25-30 graduates, give or take) showed up for the shindig and everybody I talked to was very friendly. Some people really changed while others practically looked the same. My old pal, Marty Reese, was in attendance with his lovely bride, Jennifer, and it was nice to catch up with them. The food was okay in a restaurant on a golf course kind of way, but nothing really stood out. I did spill a glass of water, creating a small puddle on one table, but nobody seemed to mind. Scandalous!

The Last Picture Show: I filmed my last scene for Grove Lake this past Wednesday. We were back in the bait shop where I previously tossed some earthworms onto a snooty, little lady. This time my character, Massey, shares his theory about growing antlers and ends up getting scolded by the movie's heroine (Played by my friend, the great Wanita Spence). We worked on the scene for a couple hours, pausing whenever a customer entered. Everything went rather smoothly and soon I was done.

Overall, I was on set for six days and I had a great time participating in the movie magic. The cast and crew were very efficient and professional. It'll be interesting to see how the film turns out. Hopefully, most of my stuff won't end up on the cutting room floor! I guess I'll find out when it premieres sometime in December.

Emmy Nominations: Could somebody please explain the bizarre hold Boston Legal has over the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences? Snubbing the stellar cast of Deadwood was sadly expected, but no Best Actor nom for Dexter's Michael C. Hall? Unforgivable! On the positive side, yay for Rainn Wilson, yay for Neil Patrick Harris, yay for This American Life, and a big yay for Jenna Fischer! But, seriously, Boston Legal?

Introducing A New Feature: For the last ten years or so, I was convinced Toby Huss (aka "The actor who played Artie the Strongest Man in The World") did the voice for Dale on King of The Hill. THIS IS NOT TRUE! It turns out Johnny Hardwick voices Dale while Mr. Huss plays Kahn and Cotton Hill. I Stand Corrected!

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