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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Astronaut Diapers

Snow Day: As I write this, a foot of snow is drifting about outside as a winter storm tries to slip out of the state. Blizzard type conditions ravaged Tuesday and I ended up not going to work. I called Touchy Feely to see if they were open for business before I plowed my way in, but nobody answered so I deducted they were probably closed for the day. Like the ancient snow days in my past, I spent my free time watching TV and doing as little as possible.

Question of The Day: Do all British actors eventually get knighted?

Old News:
Adult Swim shut down a major metropolitan area (Name withheld to protect the misguided), an astronaut brought shame to everyone who wears adult diapers, and the media found another exquisite(?) corpse to feast upon.


Happy Valentine's Day!

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  • I envy you,.. we never have snow at our place! But then some of my friends who live where it snows, say that I'm better off this way, what say?

    And yeah, Happy Valentine's Day to you too

    By Blogger Ashwita, at 3:29 AM  

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