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The Tom Cherry Experience

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration

Vote!: Today's the day, folks! Get out there and make your voice heard! And let's hope this year's results will not be as depressing as 2004! Vote!

Possible Career Path: Recently I was working on a composite for a high school faculty at Touchy Feely Fotos and I noticed they had a study hall monitor listed as a member of the staff. Can you actually make a living as a study hall monitor? If so, sign me up! If I remember all of my study hall experiences correctly, the job would just require me to sit at a desk, read a newspaper, and shush talky students every now and then. Piece of cake! Of course, my luck you would need a college degree in study hallology to apply.

Observation: There are a lot of short women running around at my dead end job. There must have been a surplus this year.

As Seen on TV (Good): I've been enjoying the second season of The Office the past couple of weeks. The show really found its wings this season and was able to fly out of the original's shadow to become its own show. Highlights for me include Michael tearing up after winning a yogurt lid medal for buying his condo ("Office Olympics"), the Yankee Swap ("Christmas Party"), Jim spraying water on the injured Dwight and Michael in Meredith's booze wagon ("The Injury"), Michael's amazing Photoshop abilities ("Conflict Resolution"), and whenever Jenna Fischer is on camera (I have mentioned before that I think she's a sweetie, right?). Thanks again for the loan of the dvd, Nick! Now I just have to buy my own copy.

As Seen on TV (Bad): Okay, I haven't seen the episode, but I know what happened: Lost killed off Mr. Eko. I know there were several reasons for the move, but it's pretty disappointing when a show kills off one of its most interesting characters. Despite this, I'm still enjoying the ride, but I'm more wary as well.

Remember: Vote!

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