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The Tom Cherry Experience

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

There's No There There

Yesterday's Embarrassment: Stuttering while ordering breakfast at McDonald's.

Recent Big Idea: A Encyclopedia Brown-type solves mysteries in a small town that wants to keep its secrets. Potential title: That Clever Little So and So

As Seen on TV (Good): The brilliant White Stripes parody/appearance on last Sunday's Simpsons.

As Seen on TV (Bad): A cheap ass "horror" movie called Leeches! that features a community college swim team, steroids, and mutant, rubber leeches. Throughout the movie, the acting and the special effects competed to see which was worse, but I give the title to the special effects because the leeches were basically very ugly oven mitts. Though not Hairdo U bad, this thing deserves to be sent to The Satellite of Love (I miss you, Tom and Crow!).

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