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The Tom Cherry Experience

Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Fabric of My Life

Fickle: When I first saw the early trailers for Cars, I wasn't too impressed, but now I want to go see it.

Character Flaw: I'm a bit of a hypochondriac. Every twitch, tingle, and bump leads me to believe I have cancer or some other scary, serious disease.

Joy: Yo Gabba Gabba!

Hate: Flip-flops and that annoying sound they make. If you're going to wear a shoe, shouldn't it be a real one?

Best Line I Heard at A Recent Wedding:
"I haven't seen you since you had an Afro!"

The Number of Ketchup Packets I Received at Lunch Yesterday: Thirteen

An Impression I Can Do that Impresses Me, but Nobody Else: I can sound just like Bob Dorough

Prairie Revisited: Roger Ebert reviews APHC and makes me reconsider my thoughts concerning the film.

A Scene from Tom Cherry: TV Detective (An Unfinished Script):

Tom (Looking at two business cards): Hey, Mom, come look at these!

Mom: What?

Tom: Which business card do you like better?

Mom (Looks at the cards): Hmmm. The one on the right.

Tom: Really? I think I like the other one better.

Mom (Looks again): But it looks like you smudged the ink with your thumb!

Tom: Yeah, but I meant presmudge.

Mom: What are those things for anyway?

Tom: To promote my detective agency.

Mom: Oh, are you still doing that?

Tom (Making a face): Of course! I am a private investigator now, Mom. Have been for nearly two weeks!

Mom: That's nice. Could you take out the garbage now?

Tom (Getting up from the table and leaving the kitchen): Can't, Mom! I have a date with a copier!

Mom (Sighs): At least, he's seeing someone.


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