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The Tom Cherry Experience

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Ten Items or Less

ITEM! A couple Saturdays ago, I dressed up in my Wazzowear* and ran up and down the steps of the Muncie Library. All my running was for a scene featured in a Christmas short film we began (Yikes!)last year. Tim, of course, was filming and Eric took this picture. ITEM! April 1 was an anniversary for my comic strip, Those Funky Idiots. The strip has been on the web for five years! I celebrated this milestone by doing absolutely nothing. ITEM! The Food Network has stopped airing the original Iron Chef! Blasphemy! ITEM! Last Saturday I had the pleasure to see The Rocky Horror Show at the Muncie Civic Studio Theatre with my friends, Jerry and Judy Cole. It was a really fun show with a great cast (Hello, Joe Skeen!) and I highly recommend it! ITEM! My Mom broke her wrist while rollerskating this past Wednesday. She's doing fine and I hope her wrist quickly mends. Take it easy, Mom!

*Also known as my Arlo Wazzo costume!

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