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The Tom Cherry Experience

Friday, July 29, 2005

The Show Goes On!

After a three day hiatus, Into the Woods returned to stage last night. We had another great audience and the show ran smoothly. I think my performance was slightly off, but I can't pinpoint just why. I don't think I fumbled any lines or did anything particularly wrong, but I have a nagging feeling I could have done better. I may just be too critical. Hopefully, I'll do a better job tonight.

I was planning on giving a minute by minute account of last night's show (Basically blogging the performance), but I got too distracted to write down everything while the show was going on. Maybe I'll do it tonight.

Thanks to Mom, Grandma, Aunt Linda, Aunt Carol, Uncle Jerry, and Chuck for coming last night! I truly appreciate it and I hope you all had a good time!

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