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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Lost Joys

I just saw the season finale of Lost (Thanks again, Eric!) and I thought it was a pretty decent ending for the season despite the fact...


we ended up with the shaft. A pretty long shaft that stretches to the beginning of the new season, of course. I guess I can wait. Here's some random thoughts:

*I enjoyed Artz's gripes concerning the star survivors. Too bad he went boom. However, in the words of John Candy and Joe Flaherty, "He blew up real good!".

*The Black Rock was a slave ship. Huh!

*Sayid sure has a killer way to cure a headache. Ouchie!

*Despite being loopy, Rousseau was out of the loop. Poor Walt.

*So "The Others" are basically modern day pirates? I guess we'll find out in a few months.

*Hurley looks good on a scooter and I should have known the comic book would be his. He's a fellow comic book geek! One of us! One of us!

*For a newborn, Claire's baby is fairly big, don't you think?

*Charlie and the Heroin Factory. Things don't look too promising for his new found sobriety. When seeing Mother Mary, he should have let it be.

*A potential power struggle between Jack and Locke next season? I know who Eric is pulling for.

Lost is such a fun show to watch. It truly had a killer first season and it'll be interesting to see how its second season will play out. Hopefully, the quality will continue. My fingers are crossed.

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